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Meet Julie Kramschuster:

I am a teacher, and taught at Center High School from 2012 until my retirement as a public school teacher in June 2019.  I taught upper level and honors math classes and physics.  I was the head coach of a highly accomplished math competition team of Center High School mathletes, supported students in our "Women in Engineering" activities, and many other focused activities to support math and science and students. I loved working to support our students with our principals, counselors, and my colleagues, many of whom I still count among my friends.  Most of all, I love Center students -- and their families -- and I believe I am uniquely well qualified to serve the Center school board as an advocate for students, families and the community.  I have been an activist and advocate for public schools and their students for years, both before and during my time at Center.  My daughter Jillian is a proud Yellowjacket, Class of 2019.  My husband has served on the Center school board since 2018 and is now stepping down.  Please contact me ( if you have anything at all that you would like to discuss!

I am running for this important position because I want to help this district embrace and manage the change that is here and coming for us.  Our district must adapt and change, like all institutions.  We have new challenges.  But some things remain timeless:  education must be about building relationships, not building walls.  In the past 3-5 years, our district has been declining in performance — from the top third in performance to the bottom 20%.  We now have three targeted and one comprehensive school — these are low-performing designations.  How did the district go from “accredited with distinction” to the present situation in such a short time?  How did the changes in policy and practice cause high-quality, longtime teachers in our district to leave in large waves, first in the middle school and then at the high school?  These are questions the current board and leadership prefer to ignore, to pretend do not exist.  But these are the questions we must grapple with.  We have a new superintendent.  My husband, as board liaison for the superintendent search, worked really hard to bring Dr. Cargile to the district, for the purpose of serving this community, to bring about its clear wishes (as reflected in the work done by the search firm’s extensive community surveys and outreach):  restore the sense of Center as a community but with an expanded sense of what that community is, including a strong focus on equity (which administration has resisted for a long time), to support teachers and stop the teacher exodus, and to bring back the feeling of “Family”.  I want to support Dr. Cargile and help her make the transition to this new community — for her — and I believe that she will be able to provide the community with the change it so strongly desires.

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